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Have you heard about the latest iOS 14? A new release that will impact the process of the conversion events? Measurement is the most important element in online performance marketing. The conversions API allows you to send web events from the website’s server directly to Facebook. Alongside Facebook Pixel data, you will be able to track your customer’s behavior and actions, in order to improve the measurement and the optimization of Facebook campaigns. *Note that this service is relevant for Shopify users only.

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*Relevant for Shopify users only. In order to fulfill this service, the person on the call has to be the admin of the Shopify account, and the admin of Facebook Business Manager. Includes purchase event only.

$ 399.00 USD
$ 399.00 USD
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How does the process work?


Set up a 45 min professional consultation call with one of our Facebook Marketing Expert.


During this call, we will request remote control of your screen in order to implement the new Facebook sales channel module which allows the use of conversions API on your Shopify platform.



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