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Our expert media buyers will analyze your Facebook ad account and set up all the audiences you need to be targeting. In addition, during the summary call, we will launch all the necessary audiences for Google Ads, we will set up automations and provide you tips and tricks to get you the best results from Facebook and Google Ads.

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*Please note that madgicx audiences are Google display only.

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$ 699.00 USD
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You can now purchase our Consulting Services directly via the App. Click here and you will be redirected. If you run into any issues our chat Support will be happy to help 🙂

Sparkle is our external agency providing graphic content for our clients.

How does the process work?


We will require advertiser access to your Facebook ad account, Facebook page, Instagram page, and product catalog (if applicable).


No need for Google access as we will take care of this during the call (note that you will need to be the admin of your Google account to complete the service).


We will analyze your account and optimize its structure to apply a full-funnel audience targeting.


At the end of the process, we will have a summary call with you during which we will go over what we have done, we will set up automations together (for Facebook only) and equipped your Google Ads account with all the audiences you need to target. We will also provide some great tips and tricks based on our experience.

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