Do It With Me

You want to improve Facebook ad performance, and you need help from an expert media buyer. But, you still want to be involved and see how it’s done. Then, “Do It With Me” is the perfect option for you.

Choose the plan that best fits your business, and let’s get to work.
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Mark Van Kleef
CEO of SpectraLight

I had been working with Facebook ads for several years but was unable to deliver stable results as my business expanded globally. Elinor and her team are doing a great job on my account. We are now achieving stable profitable results and have already been able to scale the account. Communication with Elinor is also very pleasant and runs smoothly. They constantly think proactively about what we can do to improve the marketing and also the company. I am very satisfied with Elinor, her team, and Madgicx. This has been the best decision for my company in 2020!

Ben-David Imberman
CEO & Co Founder of Clean Skin Club

We started using the Madgicx app over a year ago and were super satisfied with the results we achieved. When we started a second business, we knew we need some help, and that's when we came across the X team. They helped us create 2 ads that went viral and 10x'd our performance.

Renaldo Bothma
CEO of Botthms

We started using Madgicx a week and a half ago, and we already see great ROAS. The X team helped us set up everything. I would recommend this to anyone running Facebook ads that is serious about making money.


Why do I need these services?

In today's reality, where online marketing is so dynamic, it is important to find a result-driven partner, but that’s not enough. You also need someone that can play the captain of the ship, who continually has to shift and adjust to the ever-changing world of online advertisement.

What results can I expect?

Each account works differently, so it is difficult to say exactly what the results will be. We will review the account's activity and monitor it, and with our expertise and experience, provide a tailor-made solution to your account's performance.

Will I be connected to the Madgicx platform?

In order to enhance your performance, our work will go hand in hand with the Madgicx platform. We will constantly use the insights, the automations, and everything the platform has to offer.

How does the process work?

After receiving your order, we will first need access to your ad account. After reviewing your account, we will be able to start working on it. During the process, we will update you.