Why did we start the agency?

Our goal has always been making high expertise and cutting-edge technology accessible to all advertisers, not just big spenders.

This is why we founded Madgicx, providing advertisers with the all-in-one advertising platform.

X Professional Services - Facebook advertising agency by Madgicx
X Professional Services - Facebook ads agency by Madgicx

However, we noticed that many advertisers still need assistance with Facebook-ads related services.

The X Professional Services team

So, we established X Professional Services to cater to all their additional needs. With the help of our experts, every advertiser can maximize their results with Facebook ads.

“We strive to create a partnership with our clients and grow together with them, while constantly learning and improving the performance using the Madgicx platform and all it has to offer.”
Roei Wachtel — Head of Managed Services

Meet our team

Andrii Sobchenko
Media Buyer
Elinor Weill
Head of Operations
Benyamin Macales
Manager of Consulting and One Time Services
Roei Wachtel
Head of x Professional Services

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